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In the world will become one giant under — the leadership of the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is developing a secret plan to withdraw from the Alliance with Renault on the background of the scandal with the former head of the Association, Carlos Ghosn. This writes the Financial Times, citing sources.

Nissan plans to fully dissolve with Renault work in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, as well as to implement changes in the management Board of the company. The publication notes that the partnership between Nissan and Renault has been “toxic” and the Gun only spurred the Japanese side to act faster.

Nissan — Renault entered into an Alliance in 1999. Now the disappearance of this Union will probably force both sides to look for new partners in the automotive industry, the newspaper writes. The only way companies will be able to compete with such giants as the Union of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Peugeot and joint production of Volkswagen and Ford.

Carlos Ghosn was detained in Japan in late 2018, and charged him with concealment of income on $ 80 million and the write-off of personal losses to $ 16 million for the company. Then Ghosn has repeatedly released on bail and re-arrested. In December 2019, it became known that a top Manager has escaped from house arrest and left Japan. Hid it in a box and smuggled across the border by private plane. According to estimates by the Financial Times, the escape cost the Gon in the $ 20 million, including 14 million lost Deposit.

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