Larissa guzeyeva told about his will


www.vsyako.netLarissa Guzeeva: Ruslan shamukov / TASS

Russian actress and TV presenter Larissa guzeyeva told that you have already made a will and determine the fate of his inheritance. According to the document, all property Guzeeva will go to her children: son George and daughter Olga. This writes StarHit with reference to the broadcast of “let’s get married!”.

According to the publication, the presenter owns at least a house and an apartment in Moscow and apartments in Bulgaria. Guzeeva noted that not afraid to remain without means of subsistence.

“I copied everything on them (children approx. “Of the”). Scare me, scare that you can then end his life in a box of oranges or a nursing home. If that happens, I mean, his life has deserved. If my offspring throw me in the trash, will this dump to pray. But I’m not sorry. I wrote to his children. They are more important. Even if it happens that young tortured — all children. It is right,” said presenter during the show.

Earlier it became known that the marriage of Larisa Guzeeva and restaurateur Igor Bukharov was on the verge of divorce because of the husband’s conversations with other women.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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