Named the most suitable for the aliens of the planet


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Astronomers of Villanova University in the United States called the most suitable for life on the planet. According to the experts, they must revolve around the stars To a class that have the orange color and temperature 3500-5000 Kelvin. This publication reports Science Alert.

Scientists have spent 30 years observing the stars that belonged to different spectral classes from F-class (white-yellow stars) red dwarfs. They analyzed x-ray and ultraviolet radiation emitted by a luminaries to assess if their planets have alien life.

It turned out that, although the habitable zone around stars To a class less than that of solar-type stars, but these lights are much more common. About a thousand orange stars within a hundred light years from Earth. Life expectancy By class is estimated at 25-80 billion light-years, and they are much quieter to red dwarfs, which are frequent outbreaks. It is known that one of these stars — Kepler-442 — has a rocky planet Kepler-442b, located in the habitable zone.

The class occupy an intermediate position between the numerous red dwarfs (stars M-class) and more rare and less long-lived solar-type stars (stars G-class). Orange stars a bit warmer than the first and a bit colder than the last.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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