Restored film with newsreel about the Antarctic station 70-ies


www.vsyako.netAntarctic station “Youth” (1972)Photo: G. Kolosov / RIA Novosti

The staff of the national Park “Russian Arctic” was restored and digitized found on the Hayes island in the archipelago of Franz Joseph, the film of the 1970-ies. Captured on film newsreel about the Antarctic station “Youth”, reports TASS.

“It’s Amateur shot, as we would say, home video: different film — color and black and white – glued almost a band-aid. But that and the value of the findings: with remote polar stations very little footage, and it’s basically official events, which were not all”, — told the chief of Department of preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the Park Eugene Ermolov.

He stressed that the film was in terrible condition, but the experts of the Studio “Pomor film” managed to restore it. On it was imprinted not only working at the Antarctic station people, and penguins. After the frame with the birds on the tape cleared the launch of M-100. Such missiles were used to probe the atmosphere up to 100 kilometers. The timing of the film was almost 40 minutes.

At the end of the film shows the parade. “Not less than twenty cars, the parade of the canons. It is evident that the people were prepared,” said Yermolov.

Captured the footage the station had been working in Antarctica since 1962. “She is on the ocean. At that time it was a small town, very powerful and innovative station, it was even called the capital of Soviet Antarctica,” said Yermolov. In 1999, the station was preserved, and in 2006 moved to summer hours.

The finding became known in late 2019. The film found the Director of the national Park “Russian Arctic” Denis Inventory in one of the houses, which is now abandoned and empty.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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