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CEO Xiaomi lei Jun (Lei Jun) in honor of the decade of the company told about its history. In particular, Jun revealed the secret of the appearance of the name of the Corporation, reports Mydrivers.

According to the top Manager, the founders first settled on two versions: Red Star and Xuande. First had to be abandoned, as the market there was already a company with the same name, the second — because of the discordant. In the extended list also included the names Qianqi, Antong, Lingxi and others.

Jun said that in the end, his partners stopped on the version of Xiaomi said that the name is symbolic. First, the “mi” at the end of the word means mobile Internet (mobile internet), at which Xiaomi had planned to make a stop. Second, the end is an abbreviation of the movie title “Mission impossible” (Mission: Impossible). Lei Jun explained that the new company realized that they will have to exert a lot of effort to compete with the market leaders.

The first meeting of the founders of Xiaomi was held on 14 January 2010. The official date of founding Corporation is considered to be 6 April 2010. At the moment, Xiaomi is one of the leaders of the Chinese and global market of smartphones and has been producing products in the segment of consumer electronics.

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