Russian mayor boasted of replacing the holes in the school toilet to toilets without stalls


www.vsyako.netImage: @glava_miass

In the bathroom of school # 23 in Chelyabinsk in the village of North Furnace installed complete toilets instead of holes in the floor but without walls. Before and after pictures in your Instagram published, the head of Miass urban district Grigory Thin.

Russian mayor boasted that the replacement occurred at his initiative during a visit to the school in the summer of 2019, he drew attention to the school restroom and gave the corresponding order. “The funds were available, and today the toilet has four new toilet” — he wrote.

Slim added that the school has 92 children. “The children will be pleasantly surprised by the changes,” he said, not specifying why toilets are made open and without booths. Also not reported, whether shown in the photo room for boys or for girls.

One commenter under the post appreciated the idea and called it really beautiful. “Like the toilet will teach the children that in today’s world when everyone has a smartphone with a camera, not crap unnoticed. The lesson, as they say, for life!” — wrote a user.

In November 2019, the school in Orel region inaugurated the first 145 years of the warm bathroom. Before the students went to the toilet on the street. Construction cost the budget almost in one million roubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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