Russian teacher complained to housing in the icy hut


www.vsyako.netNatalia Sapiente:

A pensioner from the Russian Yalutorovsk (Tyumen oblast), who previously worked as a teacher, went to picket the building of the regional government. Natalia Caplan since 2006, attempting to gain resettlement from icy Barack nineteenth century, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

“I have no other choice. The picket, I am perpetual, I will to commute by train to Tyumen and stand there until you freeze or faint. Can I live is still nowhere. (…) Without turning on the heater temperature is the same as on the street. Me with 2008 promise to understand a situation until I actually live on the street. During this time, through the courts, I proved that living in the barracks, the accident rate reaches 100 percent. But no measures for the resettlement officials do not accept”, — complained the pensioner.

The temperature in the barracks, Natalia, who is recognized as unfit for life, is minus 15 degrees Celsius in the kitchen and minus 10 degrees Celsius in the room. There is no water, sewage, and the old furnace is beyond repair. Recently, she was rescued neighbor: the teacher froze skin and hair against the pillow. According to the newspaper, even touch Barack is impossible: the logs have rotted, from the inside they have turned into dust. Previously, the threat of collapse is confirmed by the examination: the building has a roll that is 13 times higher than normal.

However, local officials reported on carrying out of major repairs (they’ve painted barracks) and told the woman that the housing provide only to 2029, in turn. Prior to that, the former teacher was dismissed from the medical College and pursued her children, according to the publication, due to the fact that Natalia all this time, continued to fight for their rights.

At the end of 2019, the Governor of the Tyumen region Alexander moor, according to the newspaper, reported on an early implementation of the plan for resettlement of emergency housing with the Minister of construction and housing and communal services Vladimir Yakushev.

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