Seen space object with inexplicable behavior


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Astronomers have recorded the pulsar PSR J0908-4913 inexplicable behavior, consisting in a sudden change of the rotational speed of the neutron star. The exact cause of this phenomenon, called glitch, is still unknown. This publication reports Science Alert.

Failure in the rotation was seen on 9 October 2019. Space object PSR J0908-4913 refers to young pulsars, characterized by frequent glitchy and having the unstable periods of rotation, which can vary from a few tens to hundreds of milliseconds within a few years. Glitch may occur every 6-25 years, and, possibly, PSR J0908-4913 already cheated on your period before long-term observations.

Pulsar J0908 first discovered in 1988 with the aid of a telescope MOST (Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope) in Australia. The rotation period of the neutron star is 107 milliseconds. Later after the discovery observations were carried out during two decades with the use of the Parkes radio telescope, however, glitches have been reported. Studies of the pulsar resumed in 2015 in the framework of the project UTMOST, aimed at the study of transients objects with changing brightness.

After the glitch usually followed by a period of slow recovery. It is believed that this phenomenon is due to internal processes in the pulsar, which are expressed in the interaction of the nucleus with the cortex.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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