The coach of figure skater champion, said the reasons for moving from Russia to USA


www.vsyako.netRafael Harutyunyan and Nathan Zenphoto: USA Today Sports

Coach two-time world champion in figure skating Nathan Chen Rafael Harutyunyan said the reasons for the move from Russia to the United States. His words leads to “Great sport”.

“In Moscow earned $ 200 in rubles and spending on life had a thousand. America went exclusively selfish interests and immediately began to earn decent money,” — said Harutyunyan.

The coach added that the USA athletes don’t need prizes and gifts from the state, so how can they monetize their victory speeches in the show, advertising contracts and sponsorship revenues. “Besides, in America tuition paid by the parents of skaters or sponsors, which they will find,” he said.

Harutyunyan worked in Moscow from 1985 to 2000. He then moved to the United States. Since 2011, the coach began to work with the Chan. Under his leadership, twice the skater became world champion (2018, 2019), won a bronze medal in the team competition at the Olympic games in 2018, and three times won the Grand Prix final (2017, 2018, 2019).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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