The Concierge described the apartment grandson Mikhalkov on the day of the loss model from the window


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The Concierge of the house in Trekhprudny lane in Moscow, under Windows which found the Russian model Ksenia performed same functions, described the apartment of Andrei Borkov, grandson of the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, as quiet and peaceful. On the day when a girl fell out of a window, the Concierge had not heard or seen anything strange, reports RIA Novosti.

“Absolutely adequate to the owners of [apartment]. Quiet, calm, didn’t notice him,” said the Concierge, stressing that on the day when the model fell out of the window, no accidents in the house was not.

In addition, she saw how the girl came to the entrance, and found out about the incident only when police arrived. Andrei Borkov-the Concierge was seen on January 11, when at the scene working police officers. It seemed to her that the grandson Mikhalkov was sober.

The Concierge added that until recently the apartment almost nobody appeared, except for businessman albert tanks.

Earlier, on 13 January it became known about the state of Xenia performed same functions. The girl was connected to the apparatus of artificial ventilation easy. She is in intensive care in serious condition.

The performed same functions found with injuries on the night of 11 January. The girl was wearing. It was reported that the night before, the model spent time with Bakov in one of the Moscow bars, and then went to visit him. Tanks told the police that he did not notice the incident because he was drunk and asleep.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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