The girl played with each other over the network and saved his life


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Aidan Jackson page at Facebook

American Dia Sharp (Dia Lathora) saved the life of my friend from UK Aidan Jackson (Aidan Jackson), while being more than eight thousand miles away. This writes the Liverpool Echo.

The sharp and Jackson played on the network at the time when the British occurred spasm. The girl heard the distinctive seizures for the sounds through headphones and asked a friend if he’s okay. After he did not answer, the Sharp called the emergency services because I knew the home address of Jackson.

The girl didn’t know his parents, so she couldn’t warn them about what happened. They were on the ground floor, while Jackson was sitting in the room on the second. They found out that he was bad when he saw pulling up to the house the police cars.

The militiamen explained that they received a call from the United States that at this address there is a man unconscious. They went upstairs and found Jackson in a disoriented state. After the first aid guy was better.

The mother of a Briton said that the first spasm of her son occurred in may 2019. At the moment he was placed in the hospital. Parents personally thanked the Sharp.

Informed attentive spectator helped the presenter to detect a dangerous disease. The woman noticed the journalist bulge on his neck which turned out to be a symptom of thyroid disease.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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