The Internet audience in Russia has increased thanks to the seniors


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In 2019, the Internet audience in Russia has increased thanks to the pensioners. According to research of the analytical Agency GfK, compared to the year 2019, the audience of people older than 65 years increased from 26 to 36 percent, and in pre-retirement age group (50-64 years) from 63 to 66 percent. The report cites GfK owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

Last year, the Internet was used for 94.4 million people over the age of 12, almost 3.5 million more than in the previous year. In other age categories the changes are minor, experts say.

An increased percentage of pretensioners who use the Internet outside the home. If in 2017 there was 25%, now — 33%. Among adolescents this figure rises to 67 percent. In addition, 60 percent of able-bodied citizens use the Internet at work.

Audience growth at the expense of the older generation of GfK explain the overall growing up of the Internet audience (users moved to more senior age groups), as well as the fact that younger members of the family help to older relatives, to update the gadgets. “They buy a more modern device, but its outdated, but perfectly functional smartphones give grandparents,” — said the representative of the company Peter Zaleski.

To use the Internet the older generation encourages the development of public services, online payment and availability in networks are interesting for their content, said Zaleski.

In the near future in Russia plan to teach seniors digital literacy. Older people were taught to use a computer and smartphone, as well as how to resist fraudsters online.

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