The participant of the failure once the world’s largest companies headed by Boeing


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Dave Calhoun led the American manufacturer Boeing, says CNBC. In the world of business, he came as one of the direct participants in the failure once the largest company by market capitalization, General Electric.

January 13, Calhoun took office as CEO, which at the end of last year by decision of the Board of Directors left Dennis Muilenburg, who led Boeing last 34 years. He was blamed for the failure of companies forced to suspend the release of the latest model, the 737 MAX.

To do this I had after the plane twice in a year got into an accident. Because of this, the flight model was banned by the aviation authorities around the world, and she had to undergo re-licensing, which is still not completed. While last year’s air show at Paris Le Bourget Boeing was able to sell 200 737 MAX.

As priorities Calhoun, the company’s management has identified the improvement of relations with airlines and regulators in different countries. If successful, a new Chapter will receive a bonus of seven million dollars. Analysts call it the “right person” in this situation, and pay attention to what Calhoun more than 10 years working at Boeing.

He previously served on the governing bodies of the General Electric company, which in the early 2000-ies became the largest in the world by market capitalization. Calhoun was Vice-President when Jeff Immelt, during the reign of which stock prices fell by almost half. The result of this crisis, General Electric s 2018 was removed from the Dow Jones.

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