The woman complained about the beating because of the appearance


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Lisa Hall

Mother and daughter severely beat a resident of the English town of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, jealous of her looks and beautiful clothes. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In January 2018, a 44-year-old mother of three children, Lisa Hall (Lisa Hall) rested with the 23-year-old daughter Holly at the pub, where she often visited and know the staff and regular visitors.

At some point Lisa noticed her daughter talking to unfamiliar girls. After that, Holly told her that her companion invited them to a night club. The British refused, but offered to take there daughter and her friends, and she planned to call her husband to take her home.

They left the pub with a group of six people and headed to the nightclub. Holly walked in front, and Lisa a little behind and spoke with the age. Suddenly one of the girls in front turned around, glared at her, called a dirty whore and started beating. Her mother, with whom Lisa talked, joined in the fray. They knocked down the Briton to the ground, beat and kicked her until until she lost consciousness.

As a result, the lease was hospitalized with a broken ankle and other injuries. She underwent a six-hour operation to restore his legs. A woman still suffering from the resulting mental and physical injuries.

The surveillance cameras, the police found the attackers. They were 22-year-old Zoe Lee (Zoe Lee) and her 47-year-old mother. The Brits denied involvement in the attack, but the court found them guilty of grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to five years in prison. They were not remorseful and did not explain the reasons for the attack. Lisa believes that the attackers beat her because of the jealousy of her looks and beautiful clothes.

Earlier it was reported that several people severely beat a new Yorker and he wins one dollar. As a result, 60-year-old victim suffered serious injuries and later died.

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