Three-time lottery winner revealed the secret of his success


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Three-time winner of the U.S. state of Maryland revealed the secret of his success. His words quoted by the news portal UPI.

53-year-old player, who requested anonymity, recalls how she stopped by January 6 at the store and bought for $ 10 (about 611 rubles) ticket instant lottery Gold Rush X50. He immediately erased the protective layer, and found that I had won 100 thousand dollars (6.1 million rubles).

The American admitted that he is not the first time lucky in lottery. About ten years ago he had already won two prizes. According to him, others often try to learn the secret of his success. “I tell them that I’m just lucky and nothing more, he says. But also suggest to them that they played only for the money that is not a pity to lose.”

The winner plans to spend part of the cash prize to cover the debt, and the remaining amount to save for the future.

In 2019, it was reported about the inhabitant of the American city Wheaton, Maryland, who three times have won a major prize in the lottery Keno. He planned to take the family to a restaurant to celebrate the victory. The remaining amount he decided to share with his wife and daughter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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