Ukraine has identified the culprit in the absence of Russian gas supplies


www.vsyako.netYuri Mitrencito: RIA Novosti

In the absence of direct deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine is not guilty of the Ukrainian politicians and officials, on their part are no restrictions. Comments about this “Radio Liberty” said the Executive Director of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko.

He said the reason for such a situation the decision of “Gazprom” several years ago, to stop the flow of gas. According to Vitrenko, the task of “Naftogaz” in this situation was to find a way to provide and negotiate the supply of alternative routes.

Top Manager of Naftogaz responded to the question, could the company have some kind of “daughter” to buy gas from “Gazprom” directly. He pointed out that it is possible, but yet to discuss such solutions is premature, because no such “plans, talks and thoughts.”

Direct deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine ceased in 2015. In the course of negotiations on a new contract for gas transit to the EU, Moscow has linked the agreement with the possibility of renewal of deliveries. However, on 30 December 2019, the parties signed the contract without mentioning the sale of gas to Ukraine, the issue, Moscow and Kiev agreed to discuss later.

For the Ukrainian authorities the resumption of supplies also carries political risks, as the party of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “European solidarity” demands to impose a ban on such contracts.

Earlier, Vitrenko called the transit contract the best in the history of Ukraine. He explained that for the first time Kiev has achieved with pumping a certain volume of gas and therefore, in any case will receive a guaranteed income for five years in the amount of $ 7.2 billion.

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