Xiaomi invented the smartphone with three screens


www.vsyako.netImage: gizchina.com

Xiaomi company invented a smartphone with a screen that covers the front and rear panels and also the end of the device. Patent noticed Gizchina.

The screen occupies almost all the space of the housing and is divided into three segments. Two basic can be used to playback content, but located on the end side can be displayed additional background information. The publication notes that the patent application was filed in 2019, however, the invention of the Chinese company has registered only on 10 January 2020.

Reporters compared the conceptual device with the flagship Mi Alpha a screen which completely surrounds the body of the device. In the description of the new device, says Gizchina, it does not include the folding mechanism. The device has dual camera, which, due to the structural features of the gadget can be used as a front.

In September 2019 was presented Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone Mi Alpha. Screen device occupies almost the entire body of the device, skirting it on all sides. The novelty has not yet arrived in stores, the cost of the machine amounted to 20 thousand yuan or about 180 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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