Child grandmother saved from death thanks to the video on YouTube


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Aliffe family

In Wales nine-year-old grandmother saved from death thanks to the video on YouTube. Reported by the Daily Mail.

2 Jan Aliffe Kian (Kian Aliffe) was at home with 51-year-old grandmother, Angela Jones. He heard suspicious noises in the bathroom and decided to check what happened. In the bath water he found Jones who suffered from epilepsy and was choking.

Aliffe remembered previously viewed the video on YouTube, where people rescued a drowning in the pool girl. He quickly pulled the grandmother’s head out of the water and emptied the tub. The boy unsuccessfully tried to reach the neighbors then called an ambulance and mother. She arrived on the scene simultaneously with the paramedics. “Kian was sitting on the street. I immediately realized that the house, something happened. He told me that waiting for an ambulance”, she said.

“Not every adult will know what to do in such a situation, — said the mother of ALife. — And he didn’t even panic, it’s amazing. He said he knew what to do, thanks to a video from the Internet”. Jones was taken to the hospital for treatment. On its current status there is no information.

In December last year it was reported that in England a seven year old girl saved the life of the mother thanks to instructional videos on YouTube. The girl gave her CPR and called with her blocked phone an ambulance.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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