Chinese top banker filled the apartment in cash bribes


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The former head of one of the largest Chinese banks, China Huarong Asset Management Lai SAMINA during the search of the apartment found the metal box where it was packaged cash from bribes. In total, he filled the drawers of 200 million yuan (29 million dollars), writes Bloomberg.

A top banker admitted on video that were brought in regularly bribes to the apartment and left them there. According to Lai SAMINA, for him this process was as familiar as a visit to the supermarket for the average Chinese.

A documentary on the biggest corruption case in China has shown on local television. In this 57-year-old Lai Xiaoming explained that they prefer to take bribes in cash, but anything brought into the apartment is not spent.

Sources claim that Lai SAMINA detained in 2018, accusing him of receiving bribes in the amount of 239 million dollars. Also the banker found a property, expensive cars, works of art and luxury watches.

As the newspaper notes, during the reign of the President of China, XI Jinping, the recognition of corrupt officials on camera are becoming more common. This comes amid the slowdown of the national economy and strengthen the fight against corruption.

In particular, Monday, January 13, XI Jinping urged to pay special attention to the officials, whose corrupt activities leads to debt risks. The reason for this was the continued in China a record wave of defaults, which began to affect even associated with the state of the company.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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