Cords described his death because of the clip about Jesus


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The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has published in Instagram a poem in which he described his own death because of the video for the song i_$uss (“Jesus”). So the musician responded to the words of the Orthodox public figure Sergei Aliev, pregressive him “suddenly and sudden death” because of the work.

When you die unexpectedly
The last way I’d.
I’m going to recline Bendigo,
Thin as a rod of rebar.

Cords suggested that the dies thin, and the cause of death will be no alcohol.

Gawker asks passers-by —
Suddenly rested shameless husband
On “drunk” doesn’t sound like it,
Not with shame if he died too?
The East is already sardella dawn,
The long procession on the way.

The musician did not specify the details of his death, mentioning only a music video as the cause of death.

Answer, they pyhov shag,
Some unshaven type —
Sometimes he didn’t knit Polo
And immoderate in all things,
But died of a clip, unfortunate.
Now we are the coffin with him are.

January 12 Cords abusive poem responded to the message that the Kremlin officials want to see him as the leader of the opposition in the elections to the State Duma 2021.

The video for “Leningrad” song i_$uss was released in June 2019. In the beginning of the video the main character in a condition of narcotic intoxication, go to the club at the techno-party, one of them meets a man who reminds her of Jesus.

Leningrad | Leningrad / YouTube

Video, photo All from Russia.


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