Emergency doctor beat the Russians on the way to the hospital


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An elderly resident of St. Petersburg complained to his doctor who beat the ambulance during the trip to the hospital. In the end, another ambulance, the Russians have already taken to the emergency room, according to “Fontanka”.

The wife of the pensioner told the newspaper that her husband, 76-year-old Zhora Mirzoyan previously had a heart attack and suffered from atrial fibrillation. On the morning of 9 January, he suddenly became ill, the pressure jumped to 190, started shortness of breath. The call came an ambulance team, where the wife said he will go only to the hospital for war veterans in old Russian, 3. “We agreed that we were there (at the hospital) waiting. Themselves in a taxi can’t, because the path can become bad,” the woman said.

According to her, doctors have not had Mirzoyan medical care, but was invited into the car. When on the road the driver turned in the direction of another hospital, the patient was agitated, banging on the window. The carriage first stopped, a doctor by the name Bondarev came out of the driver’s cab and asked the patient what was the matter. The requirement to take him to a particular clinic physician said, “Where I want to and I will.” The pensioner tried to get out of the salon, but Bondarev tried to stop him.

“He took my husband by the throat, sat him, closed his mouth and began to choke. I began to cry. The doctor hit her husband in the nose. Gushing blood. I wanted to stand between them, but the nurse pushed me in the chest and tied his hands behind,” said the wife of the victim.

The nurse had inserted bundles of bandages in the nose Mirzoyan to stop the bleeding, and his wife was released. They went to the police and wrote a statement, and then from there to another ambulance went to the emergency room. There man did a CT and stitched nose.

The publication notes that a statement from the victim came to operational duty on January 12.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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