FSIN has told about the fight of Colonel billionaire Zakharchenko with “hurt”


www.vsyako.netDmitry Zaharchenko: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Management of Federal service of execution of punishments (UFSIN) for the Republic of Mordovia checks in connection with reports about the fight of a former Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko and “hurt” (con with low social status) in the Mordovian colony IK-5. About it “lente.Roo” said the representative of the regional UFSIN Marina Kanieva.

According to the Agency, 9 January 2020 between the two prisoners on the basis of personal hostile relations the conflict occurred, who joined in the fight. As a result one of participants of incident have got some punches and a head in the face.

“The staff quickly stopped the illegal actions in accordance with the requirements of the job descriptions and provided first aid to the victim,” said Hanawa.

According to her, the materials of the incident are transferred to investigating authorities for further action.

Earlier, on 14 January it was reported that a convicted bribe Zakharchenko beat “hurt”. On the morning of January 9, ex-COP put the wrong shoes, the owner of which was convicted with low social status. In places of deprivation of liberty is not supposed to use the Cutlery and personal belongings “offended”.

“The host of shoes presented Zakharchenko claims and suggested that the now ex-Colonel will have the same status”, — said the interlocutor of the edition. A former policeman has not suffered such insults and hit “hurt” a few times with his fist and his head in the face. The victim wrote a statement to the investigative authorities with a demand to bring the offender to justice.

“Hurt” in the penal colony are considered to be convicted for rape or pedophilia, as well as those who steal from the other prisoners.

In October, the court reduced the sentence Zakharchenko and has appointed punishment in the form of 12.5 years in prison and a fine in the amount of 117 million rubles for obstructing and receiving a bribe of 3.5 million rubles in the form of a discount card in a network of fish restaurants. He was deprived of the state awards and the special title of “police Colonel”.

Zakharchenko was detained September 9, 2016. During the search in his case was discovered cash totaling about 8.5 billion rubles.

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