Haftar appealed to the tribes for advice


www.vsyako.netKhalifa Of Haftarot: Philippe Wojazer / Reuters

Libyan field Marshal Khalifa Haftar positive attitude towards the outcome statement as a result of negotiations in Moscow, but finally decides on a truce after a Council with the tribes. This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

“The main outcome of the meeting was achievement of the basic consent of the warring parties to maintain and indefinite continuation of the cessation of hostilities”, — noted in the defense Ministry. They also stressed that the Moscow meeting created a positive atmosphere for the Berlin conference on Libya to be held on January 19.

It is reported that Haftar sought the advice of tribal leaders, who led them to support the Libyan national army (LNA). It is known that on December 14, the field Marshal and delegates of the house of representatives of Libya are meeting with Jordan’s king Abdullah II.

Earlier, on 14 January it became known that the Haftarot left Moscow without a signed written agreement with the head of the national consensus Government (NTC) by Faiz Sarraj a ceasefire in Libya. It was noted that on the background of the departure of field Marshal in the Libyan capital Tripoli resumed armed clashes.

A personal meeting between the Haftarot and Saraga was planned on 13 January in Moscow, but in the end she snapped. The reason was the failure of the forces of the LNA to leave Tripoli. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that “certain progress” in the talks was achieved.

On 8 January the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the Libyan conflict to a truce and offered to sit at the negotiating table. Libyan field Marshal Khalifa Haftar first refused the offer of the Russian and Turkish leaders decided to continue the offensive on Tripoli. But then the LDF announced the ceasefire in the Western region of Libya from midnight on January 12.

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