In the US, the plane dumped fuel on the Playground at school


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Matt Hartman / AP Photo

Flying Delta airlines plane dumped fuel in a primary school near Los Angeles (California, USA). It is reported by The New York Times.

The ship departed from the international airport Los Angeles to Shanghai. A few minutes after liftoff, the pilot reported to dispatchers about emergency situations associated with mechanical malfunction on Board.

Not to exceed the maximum landing mass of the ship, the pilot decided not to develop the fuel, and the use of emergency fuel dumping. Because it was poured at a low altitude, it did not have time to diffuse into the air and landed on the school grounds. Later, the aircraft landed safely.

For medical assistance 26 people, among them 17 children. All recorded skin irritation, they were assisted in place, hospitalization is not required.

Aviation to grow in the US find out why the pilot made dumping fuel over a densely populated area and not in designated area. The official representative of the fire service Sean Ferguson has declared that does not remember a single such case over the last decade.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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