Named the worst partners for meeting his parents


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The author of the blog about the online Dating platform with Swipe Life Dupere Katie (Katie Dupere) listed the types of partners that cause rejection of most parents. However, according to the author, this does not mean that these partners are a bad choice for relationship building.

According to Dupere, parents often do not say directly that with such partners, it is better not to communicate, and hint at the fact that their child is too good for such people.

As the author of Swipe Life, a list of the worst partners for Dating with parents consists of seven categories of people, and it is almost unchanged from generation to generation. To them in the first place are people with tattoos and piercings, as well as bisexual. This list also includes Boyfriends with no traditional work with a fixed payment, as well as those whose views are radically different from the views of the family.

The author of the article also called for, despite the opinion of parents, to give a chance to any girl or guy even if they have a mental illness or was in the past any addiction. With people from the black list, despite concerns of relatives, too, can build long and happy relations, concluded Dupere.

In November published the results of a study by the Norwegian University of life Sciences and engineering. Scientists have determined that only half of the users of Tinder Dating by the end of the correspondence with potential partners in the app and only every fifth of them encounter ends with sex.

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