Popular women’s procedure will become a trend among men


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Popular women’s procedure will be one of the main trends 2020 among men. This conclusion was made by the leading American manicure, reports the New York Post.

“Men began to show their painted nails,” said star manicurist from Los Angeles Britney Tokyo (Britney Tokyo). According to the specialist, among its customers, besides Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner appear on rapper Luke Sabbath and famous actor Harry styles, whose manicure with a fruit design, inspired by his album of Fine Line and song Watermelon Sugar, became popular in the network in December.

In addition, it is noted that in Instagram under the hashtag #guynails there are more 1.4 thousand publications. As told by a literary agent John Cusick (John Cusick), during his first campaign for the procedure he covered the nails with black varnish and made a design with an image of a skull, which he found under that hashtag.

A popular American fitness coach mark Ribeiro (Ribeiro, Mark) also followed the trend. “At first I simply applied a few strips on your nails, but then I became addicted. A manicure is some kind of accessory. It would be like to buy a new pair of shoes or a coat. I like it when design my nails aesthetically goes well with my tattoos,” — said the athlete.

First, say the experts, colored nails did only rock stars such as Mick Jagger, but now a new generation of celebrities enters the procedure in Vogue. So, Instagram rapper ASAP Rocky has appeared pictures with different nail design. In addition to rappers, this trend was followed by some actors, in particular the Ansel Elgort, which came with white Polish on the prize “Golden globe” January 5, 2020. For example, the designer Marc Jacobs has repeatedly demonstrated his color manicure to Instagram.

In August 2019, the network was horrified nails anonymous groom in the photo in a closed Facebook group, That’s It, I’m Nail Shaming (“That’s how I made a mockery of the nails”). The wedding picture shows the couple displayed their rings on the background colors. Social network users have criticized the lack of manicure men: under his rough nails visible thick layer of dirt.

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