Teletrac advised to abandon the Breakfast for health


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American teletrac Mehmet Oz (Mehmet Oz) advised me to give up Breakfast for the sake of health. In an interview with TMZ he said that this meal is not so necessary as one might think.

According to him, it is recommended to wait some time before people will be hungry. Leading medical program “the Dr. oz Show” (The Dr. Oz Show) stressed that the importance of Breakfast is a “publicity stunt” and that “this dogma came from advertising, not from the truth about health”.

“Cancel Breakfast. Better brunch every day,” he said, referring to the meal closer to noon. According to him, many people are dependent on food, and their hunger in the morning when you Wake up alleged. Oz is confident that in most cases this is because the closer to the night person eats something with a high content of carbohydrates, like potato chips. This leads to a greater hunger for the next day, assured the doctor.

In recent years, thanks to social networks and bloggers, people often talk about different diets and methods of supply different from standard. Some of them relate to waiver of certain products, the other associated with the time limit for meals, including Breakfast at a later time, and the dinner in earlier. Over time, about these experiments became known, and members of the media and IT companies.

So, the presenter of the First channel Ekaterina Andreeva in July, said that fast 16 hours a day — eat at 19 o’clock and eats Breakfast at 11 am. A period of abstinence from food she considers healthy for the body. In June, the Creator of Telegram messenger and social network “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov said that he had tried to fast six days following the successful introduction of restrictions in food. According to him, health has not deteriorated.

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