The alligator bit the student


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Stephen Lew / Reuters

In the U.S. state of Florida alligator has bitten 18-year-old student. This publication reports the Miami Herald.

Girl, 15 other students and their teacher walked along a popular tourist trail in the Everglades national Park. When the student passed the Wade pond, the alligator grabbed her right leg.

According to her, the pain caused by the bite was not strong. The teeth of reptiles left at the foot of two small puncture wounds. After that she decided to abandon the hike and went to the hospital.

A spokeswoman for the national Park Allison Gantt (Gantt Allyson) stated it is very unusual that the alligator attack occurred on this section of trail previously considered safe. Biologists Everglades temporarily closed the scene to visit.

In the Everglades there are more than 200 thousand mississippiensis alligators that live in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Louisiana. There are instances of up to 4.5 meters in length, but on average they grow up to 3.4 meters and weight up to 200 kilograms.

In 2019, it was reported that Florida alligator was bitten by the analyst. An employee of the company GPI, collecting data in the Everglades, took the reptile for a log and stepped on it.

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