The automaker has denied the rumors about their breakup


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Japanese automotive company Nissan has officially denied the rumors about his desire to terminate the cooperation with Renault and Mitsubishi. The automaker in a press release called speculation and media reports about the collapse of the Alliance.

The report States that it was created in March last year, the Alliance should be a guarantee of future success and competitive advantage of the company. Nissan has promised to strive for the success of all belongs to the Association members.

About Nissan’s plans to leave the Union on the background of the scandal with the former head of the Alliance Carlos Ghosn announced on the eve of the Financial Times. The publication, citing its own sources claimed that the Japanese company believes the partnership is “toxic” and would like to break the Renault production and scientific-technical spheres.

Nissan and Renault are cooperating since 1999. The Alliance with Mitsubishi was among the three largest automakers in the world. If the company decides to go, then they will have to seek other partners, otherwise they alone would lose a competitor.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested in late 2018. He was accused of concealing proceeds of $ 80 million and the transfer of personal loss of $ 16 million for the company. In December 2019, once again released on bail a top Manager as a result of complex operations had escaped from Japan. In the Financial Times has calculated that the escape cost the Gon in the $ 20 million, including 14 million bail, which he lost.

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