The cat caused the owners damages in the sum of 40 thousand dollars


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In the Australian city of Adelaide pet cat flooded the house and caused the owners damages in the sum of 40 thousand Australian dollars (1.7 million rubles). This publication reports the Daily Mail.

On the night of amber (Amber) and Joe Hauser (Joe Fauser) locked my cat named Eve (Eve) in the Laundry room on the first floor. At six o’clock in the morning Joe woke up to go to work, stepped out of the bedroom and found that the floor is covered with water. She came from a faucet in the Laundry room, which was opened and turned so that the spray was dripping on the floor. The cat calmly watched the events from the washing machine. “We immediately realized that this is Eve, because she always ruins everything and playing with things,” says amber.

Amber and Joe had to take time off from work to call the master and spend all day to save the house, which they moved only three months ago. “The master spent on the drainage of the whole day — says amber. — He tried to pump out as much water as possible, opened the floor, removed part of the carpet and installed 30 drying machines and humidifiers, which are then worked seven days because of what the bill turned out exorbitant.”

The drainage of the house cost the family $ 16.1 thousand Australian dollars (680 million roubles), to replace the floor and carpet had to spend 10 thousand Australian dollars (423 thousand), and electricity costs amounted to about a thousand Australian dollars (42 thousand). “The workers who were engaged in the restoration of the house, assessed the full amount of damage in the 30-40 thousand Australian dollars (from 1.27 million to 1.7 million rubles — approx. “Of the”),” says amber.

In 2019, it was reported that the cat helped a resident of Thailand to find her husband hid the money. A small cardboard box fell from the Cabinet when it jumped her pet. Inside was a wad of money that her husband hid it so not to waste them on household expenses.

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