The lack of black nominees for the “Oscar” raised the question of the color of Banderas


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Chris Carlson / AP

The network has a discussion on whether to consider the actor Antonio Banderas black man because of the almost complete absence of such in the list of nominees on the award “Oscar”.

After the announcement of candidates by many media outlets, including Deadline, “Bi-bi-si” and USA Today, drew attention to the fact that Directors, actors and all with the exception of one actress (Cintia Arivo), nominated for the main categories — white men. Twitter re-appeared in the trending hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, with which users expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of representation of black people.

Some Internet users have paid attention to the fact that the award in the category “actor of the year” claims Antonio Banderas. They wondered whether a native of Spain, dark-skinned actor. The Wrap critic Yolanda Machado on Twitter said that Banderas, as all the Spaniards are white European. She later took back his words, stressing that not all Spaniards are white, but it is Banderas, according to her, can not be considered a black actor.

Disagree with this opinion users said that Banderas were considered whites only after the announcement of the list of nominees for the award.

The American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the “Oscar” on January 13. For the title of “Best Director” will fight Martin Scorsese, Todd Phillips, Sam Mendes, Quentin Tarantino and PON Joon-Ho. 92-I the ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on February 10.

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