The Russians are much more likely to go bankrupt


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Last year the Russians are much more likely to go bankrupt. The status of a bankrupt in the court received 68 980 citizens, including individual entrepreneurs. This is 56,8 percent higher than a year earlier. This is with reference to the Unified Federal register of bankruptcy information reports “Interfax”.

Citizens often, in 90.7% of cases, initiated procedure of own bankruptcy. In 7.5% of cases this was done by the creditors, and in 1.7 percent — the Federal tax service. In corporate bankruptcies, the situation is different — there are 78.6% of appeals to the court of accounts for creditors.

Following the bankruptcy of the citizens, the creditors usually do not receive their money. Over the past year from 225,6 billion of debt to return was only eight billion or 3.5 percent. However, this is more than in 2018 — 2.7%.

At the same time, the proportion of citizens who had nothing to give to creditors for the year also increased — 71 versus 65 percent. This situation stems from the fact that the debtors in the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings was not property which can be put on sale.

The percentage most often bankrupt the residents of the Kalmykia Republic (112 men for every 100 thousand population), Penza region (111) and Vologda region (102). In 2018, the top three were the same regions only on the first place beat out Vologda oblast, and Penza was the third. In General over the past year Russia has registered 47 new bankruptcies per 100 thousand people, and in 2018-m — 30.

In absolute terms, the maximum failures were with Moscow (5 089 people, plus 44.9%) and Moscow oblast (4 315 people, plus 65.6 per cent).

Bankruptcy proceedings appeared in 2015. At the moment its value is 70-75 thousand rubles. For four years the Ministry of economic development is developing a draft law on the simplified procedure of bankruptcy of citizens. In the latest version of the document is inscribed a non-judicial way that should cost the debtor in three thousand roubles.

According to estimates of the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki), declare themselves bankrupt at the present time could be about a million Russians. They have a debt over 500 thousand rubles, and they do not pay for obligations more than 90 days. But for bankruptcy they will have to prove your financial insolvency.

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