The Russians were more likely to deny loans


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

Banks began a thicket to refuse to Russians in the issuance of new loans — proportion of loans approved in 2019 has become minimal over the past two years, says belonging to Gregory Berezkin RBC, citing data from the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH).

According to them, in 2019 the Russian banks approved only 36.9 percent of the total filings (as against 41 per cent in 2018). Consideration was given to applications for all types of loans.

The period preceding the new year holidays, traditionally a time of market growth, the past year has seen the most significant decline. In December, the share of loans fell to 32.2 percent.

This trend is confirmed by statistics and other credit bureaus, the newspaper notes. The highest level of approval of applications for loans from mortgage loans (65.6 per cent of all cases), the lowest — unsecured consumer loans (33.9%).

In October last year the Central Bank introduced a new criterion for evaluating borrowers who are required to use banks when considering loan applications from potential customers-individuals, a marginal debt load (PD). It is equal to the ratio of monthly payments on all existing rights to the loans (including credit cards and micro credit) to its income.

The maximum permissible values of PD is not established, banks are obliged to develop its own policy and make the final decision depending on the financial situation of a particular client. However, the introduction of PD has led to a reduction in the number of issued consumer loans.

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