The stench of expensive hotel vacation ruined Russian businessman


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Russian businessman and former owner of the network of salons of cellular communication “Euroset” Chichvarkin, who lives in London, has criticized because of the stench of expensive boutique hotel Condesa in Mexico, where he spent his vacation. Spoiled vacation entrepreneur described in Facebook.

According to Chichvarkin, when he returned from dinner to the hotel, I felt a pungent smell in your room with a panoramic terrace. “Call them, say, inner door decided to paint (well, when else). And soon will finish. It is impossible to breathe. Opened all Windows with panoramic views. A girl came with vanilla aerozolei. Drove”, — said the businessman.

Then, according to him, they offered him another room and he demanded that there now postponed at least a cot. However, while the staff tried to move her, they lost a blanket, despite the fact that between them was about 50 meters.

“All it took in total about an hour. Apology? No. The free night? Yeah, conductive. They did not understand the problems of the first world are contempt, or at least puzzling. After all, when their favela was painting drunk ships also smelled like a week — and that no one died,” — said Chichvarkin, explaining that there is a vicious circle of ignorance and corruption.

In September 2018 the British newspaper the Guardian has compiled a list of the most ridiculous complaints made by holidaymakers over the past few years. For example, one of the visitors of the beach in Newquay, United Kingdom, complained about the stone that hurt your foot. Another user called the Ben Nevis too steep and big.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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