Ukraine ahead of Russia on the growth of the minimum wage


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Konstantin Chernichkin / Reuters

The minimum wage in Ukraine in 2020 rose more than in Russia. This follows from the ranking of countries whose residents received the lowest and the highest minimum wage, prepared by the experts Picodi. The data is given in terms of dollars after taxes.

In General, the experts explored 54 countries, Russia in the ranking took the 29th place. In it, the minimum wage increased by 7.5 percent, to $ 166. In Ukraine the figure since the beginning of the year increased by 13.2 percent, to $ 157. Both countries have a growth rate ahead of Belarus, where wages have soared by 13.6 percent and reached 156 USD.

The highest increase in the minimum wage in 2020 is noted in Nigeria — it was 64.8 percent. Also in the top 5 were Azerbaijan (+37.7 percent), Argentina (+37.1%), Saudi Arabia (+33.3%), Armenia (+25.2%). In the USA, South Africa, Latvia, Spain and Peru, wages are not rising. The only country where the minimum salary was reduced, were Kazakhstan (-1,1 per cent).

From January 1, 2020, the minimum wage (SMIC) in Russia increased by 850 roubles to 12 130 rubles. The last time the minimum wage was increased in 2018, then the figure equated to the living wage.

Earlier it was reported that the majority of Russians are dissatisfied with the level of current salaries. Most discontent expressed by the representatives of working professions.

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