“Vile” sister-in-law decided to outdo the bride an expensive outfit and was cursed


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @AnnaAerials / Reddit

Anonymous the bride complained to the sister-in-law, who decided to outdo her at the wedding, wearing a long white dress. To my story, she attached a photo from the celebration, where the faces of the guests closed smiles. In her post on the website Reddit noticed in the Daily Mail.

In his message, the bride wrote that sister-in-law refused to be her friend and was not involved in the wedding planning. She also noted that the woman bought a very expensive outfit, knowing that the cost of wedding dresses on the bride was small.

Commentators have supported the author of the post and scolded her cousin, calling that mean. “You look wonderful. Her dress looks ugly. I hope you had a wonderful wedding, don’t let it ruin the memories of that day,” wrote one of them. “It was awful. And your dress is gorgeous as your hair! I hope you had a wonderful day and wish you happiness!” — joined another reader. “Dress your little cousin she was at least one size, next time they should at least buy the outfit to size,” criticized a third.

In October 2019, a similar situation occurred with another anonymous bride. Unknown person posted on social networks a photo from the wedding where the groom dances with his mother, dressed in a white dress. Most commented pictures agreed to wear a white dress to a wedding is inappropriate, especially for the future mother-in-law.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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