Estimated chances of Belarus to replace the Russian oil


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Egor of Eremov / RIA Novosti

An economically viable alternative to Russian oil for Belarus do not exist. That is the conclusion of the TV channel “360” came the leading expert of the national energy security Fund Igor Yushkov.

According to him, Minsk is trying to put pressure on Russia in this matter, however, under any scenario of supply “it will be a Russian oil”, only for a great price due to port and transport services to third countries. He recalled that in early 2010-ies of Belarus has done likewise and bought Venezuelan oil, which cost several billion dollars more than the same volume of Russian oil.

Similar is the opinion of the Director of the energy development Fund Sergey Pikin. He doubted that Minsk will be able to find an option that any supply of oil from all regions of the world will be cheaper than Russia. In addition, he called a “big enough” the probability that Russia and Belarus will come to some agreements before the end of January, reports RT.

In early January President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told about the proposal of Russia to buy oil at prices higher than the world. He instructed the government of the Republic to start searching for alternative suppliers.

The representative of the Antimonopoly Agency of Belarus announced the failure of negotiations on the transit of oil and oil products. The first Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Krutoy said that the search for alternative supply routes is already underway.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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