Fedor decided to replace the more enjoyable robot


www.vsyako.netPhoto: KTS “southern” / TsENKI / RIA Novosti

Android robot project “Test” space ship “eagle” will be significantly different from its predecessor Skybot F-850, better known as Fyodor (FEDOR). About the Agency TASS said in the NGO “Humanoid machines”.

“Definitely it will be smaller and lighter. Visually it is more pleasant: more streamlined design and more plastic elements,” said the company, adding that the final shape will be determined after signing the contract with the Russian space Agency.

In November 2019 the Executive Director of “Roscosmos” on the prospective projects and science Alexander Bloshenko declared that Fedor is on the ship “eagle” will fly into space, founded on the platform of the robot Artem (ARTEM — Automatic Research and Testing Machine). According to him, the new robot will have access to the ship controls and implement certain functions independently. In addition, he will be “more elegant” than its predecessor.

Anthropomorphic rescue robot, FEDOR created “Android technology” and Fund advanced research in behalf of the EMERCOM of Russia. The relevant development has started in 2014. To build the robot it took 300 million rubles.

The first flight of a new manned transport spacecraft “eagle” is scheduled for 2025. On behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in 2023 it will begin testing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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