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An international team of scientists has documented anomalous particles, whose origin remains unexplained. About a discovery that could disprove the modern idea of particle physics, according to a paper published in the repository

The researchers found several candidates in neutrinos using detectors at atmospheric probe ANITA (eng. Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna). Two of the three events that are interpreted as a Tau-neutrino, found to be associated with the atmospheric shower of energetic particles arising in the interaction of the Earth’s atmosphere with a Tau-leptons. Last flew from the Earth’s core, which interacted Tau neutrinos came from the other side of the planet.

Third possible neutrino was found during a search of Askaryan effect of radiation that occurs when particles with okolosvetovyh velocities through the substance of the Earth. However, scientists also do not exclude that this event is due to background radiation.

Physicists have tested the hypothesis that all the detected neutrinos were of cosmic origin and originated in natural accelerators (for example, blazara). In such a case were to occur, the secondary stream of low-energy neutrinos, which are sensitive detectors of IceCube, with certain characteristics. Was analyzed data collected under-ice neutrino Observatory in seven years, but no signs of such a flow was not detected.

First high-energy neutrino was detected by the IceCube detectors in 2013. It is believed that part of these particles born in interaction of cosmic rays and matter (or radiation field) in the vicinity of the natural cosmic accelerators. Another type of high-energy neutrinos occurs when the interaction of cosmic rays with the cosmic microwave background. These particles pass through the Earth from all directions uniform flow.

According to scientists, the origin of recorded candidates for the neutrinos cannot be explained within the Standard model. In the case of homogeneous flow ANITA had to capture such events for the other angles of observation. It was not found possible neutrino source in the direction of the candidate neutrino arising from the alleged effect Askarian. However, these anomalies can be explained by new physics, which suggests the presence of axion and heavy dark matter, sterile neutrinos and supersymmetry.

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