Found a way to kill invulnerable creatures


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Steve Gschmeissner

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that the animalcules can be killed by high temperatures. Still these creatures were known for their invulnerability to various modalities, including vacuum, radiation and freezing. About the study reports Science Alert.

During the experiments, experts used a kind of animalcules Ramazzottius varieornatus, specimens of which were found in the drain of one of the houses in Denmark. Been evaluated by the invertebrate’s ability to withstand exposure to high temperature on the active and the dehydrated animals, as well as the influence of a short period of acclimatization in awake animals.

The active animalcules, which have not been acclimatized, mortality was 50% at 24-hour exposure to temperatures reaching only 37.1 Celsius. A brief acclimatisation period of two hours at 30 ° C and two hours at 35 degrees, raised the threshold of death to 37.6 degrees. While tardigrades were able to withstand a high temperature about 63 degrees Celsius, but died much faster with even more values.

It is known that dehydrated invertebrates can withstand temperatures up to 151 degrees Celsius for half an hour, however, the new results showed that overall survival of the animals sharply decreases with the continued high temperatures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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