In Russia attended struck Europe a dangerous virus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ivan Rudnev / RIA Novosti

Russia is threatening strain of avian influenza H5N8, actively moving across Europe. About it in the CPS told the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The office indicated that the outbreaks of this virus were universally abolished, with the exception of two African countries. However now, in connection with the early migration of birds, H5N8 strikes again the countries of the Old world.

Despite the fact that the strain is not dangerous to humans, experts are not in a hurry to close their eyes to the problem. First, because of the suffering of poultry farming — farms in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia were Packed with tens of thousands of birds. Secondly, now the virus can infect pigs, and it is not excluded a mutation in threat for a person form.

In the southern regions of Russia, the virus can also get migratory birds. If the wild man is unable to control, experts say, it is possible to suspend the import of products from countries where the infections. In addition to epidemiological safety, the country will also benefit financially by allowing domestic producers to occupy a niche, which appears in the case of import restrictions.

In January 2019 wholesale and retail prices for chicken increased by more than 20 percent. Then the main reason for the price increase called the outbreak of bird flu, which has suffered from several domestic manufacturers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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