In the UK have started to sell dull knives


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Viners

The company Vinеrs from the UK, producing Cutlery, started selling kitchen knives with blunt ends. Thus, the manufacturer has offered to fight crime, reports the Insider.

Representatives Vinеrs said that the new line of knives created in response to the growing statistics of crimes committed with the use of bladed weapons in the country. The square tip is unable to puncture the skin, said the manufacturer.

The company indicated that over the past year with knives and other piercing objects in the UK have used 44 thousands of criminals. Victims of stab wounds steel 285 people. The figure was the highest since 1946. The United Kingdom authorities have revised the law and equated the kitchen knives to the offensive weapons. After that, many stores refused to sell knives.

For a ban on kitchen knives with a long blade appeared in 2005. Speaking about the danger of knives, the doctors pointed to the fact that they are always at hand during a domestic conflict.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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