In the “United Russia” responded to the message of Putin to the Federal Assembly


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Deputy Secretary General Council of “United Russia”, Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Hinstein has responded to the message of Russian President Vadimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. The MP believes that the party needs to maintain control not only over the execution of decisions of the President, but the actions of officials at regional and municipal levels, according to the website of “United Russia”.

According to Hinstein, the main task of political forces is to ensure receipt of funds allocated to the citizens, the fight against unscrupulous officials.

“For example, when we talk about children’s schools of arts, repair, reconstruction, purchase of equipment under the national project “Culture” is very important to prioritise, you need to determine where it is most needed in the first place. When we talk about the completion of the deployment of the network of feldsher-midwife stations, the role of the party in this work are also extremely high. And so in all directions”, — he said.

MP also praised the President’s initiatives in social policy. In his opinion, changes in terms of demography, health are if not revolutionary, it is close to this character.

Earlier Wednesday, 15 January, in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, the Russian President said about the need to vote before the adoption of the amendments to the basic law. The head of state refused to change the 1993 Constitution, but proposed several amendments. Parliamentarians and the government promised not to “pigeonhole” the work on amendments to the Constitution.

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