Innocent man 30 years in prison for someone else’s crime


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In the US met a man who for 30 years served in prison for someone else’s crime. About this newspaper The Guardian.

Monday, January 13, the court, quashed the 1991 conviction and freed 62-year-old inmate Jerry Thomas. In 1987, a resident of the city of Detroit, Michigan, complained to the police that she was attacked in a car near a grocery shop. Two years later, the victim admitted in the Thomas the attacker.

Although the police had physical evidence and witnesses, Thomas was sentenced to 50 years in prison for assault and attempted murder. In 2010, the case was assigned to the representatives of The Innocence Project — profit legal organization that seeks to exonerate wrongfully convicted people.

In addition, the action team found out that the victim was driving a compact car Ford Escort. In 1987, when the crime was committed, Thomas weighed about 115 kilograms and the height is 190 centimeters. Therefore, he could not easily get in the car and commit a crime.

“We found a person of similar physique and photographed in the cabin of the Ford Escort”, — said the representative of The Innocence Project Jane Pucher, noting that it looked ridiculous. Since the victim already died, the case is not to review and find the real culprit.

Thomas expressed gratitude and joy that can finally go home to my family. “If the police conducted a thorough investigation, Thomas would never have ended up behind bars,” concluded Poker.

In August last year it was reported that the inhabitant of American state Nevada was mistakenly served 35 years in jail and received a million compensation. Now counsel is seeking for his client the additional payment for caused her moral damage.

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