Lived five years in the clinic she will conduct the examination to determine the diagnosis


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Paul lions / RIA Novosti

A girl who from birth live in the perinatal center “Mother and child”, will make a diagnosis to find out what she was treated for five years. For this will be appointed is judicial-medical examination. About it the lawyer of the child’s mother Olga Lukmanova reported RIA Novosti.

Lukmanova added that the examination would be held under the action of bodies of guardianship and guardianship on the limitation of parental rights.

Informed the girl’s parents agreed to take the child home on the condition that they will be given the complete medical report for all five years of the child’s treatment. As told Lukmanova, during the whole period of treatment the parents received only a brief statement of the centre “Mother and child”. According to her, the parents did not take the daughter, since March of 2019 they were told about the bad health of the child and billed for the treatment. However, in March the doctors had supposedly changed his mind about the state of health of the patient.

Living in the clinic “Mother and child” a girl born in 2014, after discharge, she was hospitalized in the Department of pathology of newborns because of prematurity, but a few months later was released and sent home. The parents soon returned the daughter to the clinic the mother said that can not have baby because she had three more children. The entire period of treatment, the parents pay the clinic more than a million rubles a month, but doctors believe that the girl has no medical reasons to continue treatment.

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