Model with diagnosis as Bieber became the champion and posed for the cover of Playboy


www.vsyako.netNadine of Kerastase: @nadine_kerastas

Model with diagnosis as the musician Justin Bieber was photographed for the cover of Playboy magazine and became the champion of competitions in fitness. His story she shared with the Mirror.

36-year-old Nadine Cerastes (Nadine Kerastas) from Germany is suffering from Lyme disease. To tell about myself she decided after Bieber’s first publicly reported the disease.

Cerastes got sick from a tick bite that got in the yard playing with the dogs. According to the woman, six months after the bite, she woke up from excruciating pains all over the body and realized he couldn’t feel his feet. “My whole body went numb and ached. I can’t describe into words the feeling,” she recalls.

Doctors advised the sick to exercise, to distract from the pain. “You can only do two things: to surrender or to fight. I decided to fight,” said Kerestes, adding that he used the disease as motivation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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