Named the price of the cheapest luxury apartments in Moscow


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The minimum cost of apartments in elite new buildings of Moscow of the 9.4 million rubles, said the Agency Skolkovo Realty, arrived in edition “”.

According to analysts, the cheapest lot for sale in one of the premium residential complexes in the North-Eastern district of the capital. In the center of the largest affordable luxury apartment worth 9.8 million rubles. In the southwestern area called the minimum price tag at 11.1 million.

The highest level of minimum prices for luxury properties in Northern district of Moscow: here, for expensive housing will have to pay 24 million rubles. At an average cost per square meter “elitki” the most expensive district — Central, where “square” is almost 456 thousand rubles.

“In 2020 the primary elite market will be at least ten new projects, — noted in Skolkovo Realty. The number of lots in the sale may rise by 20 percent in the first half of the year. We predict that a sentence with a finish will continue to gain market share”. In addition, the projected increase in the number of investment deals from “elitki”.

Earlier it became known that in December 2019, the sales volumes of luxury residential property in the Russian capital dropped sharply due to the depreciation of the currency of the United States. According to the observations of realtors, many wealthy citizens who previously planned purchase of expensive apartments in Moscow, was canceled transactions — most of them have savings in dollars, and to spend the money on currently unprofitable.

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