Published photos popular plus-size models in the Nude without photoshop


www.vsyako.netScreenshot: @mrjustinervin

Popular American plus-size model Ashley Graham to pose Nude for her husband, stage Director and image-maker Justin Erwin. Pictures without photoshop appeared in stories his Instagram account.

In the video from backstage, which Erwin also published in the social network, Graham in the Nude sitting on a chair and periodically change poses. One of the resulting frames she is depicted sideways to the camera and one white cardigan, on the other posing with no clothes on and looks up. The author of the shooting published photos without treatment, some visible cellulite on the leg model. Ashley Graham is a Screenshot: @mrjustinervin

Footage shooting Graham laid out in his Instagram. Members expressed their delight in the comments. “Hot Mama,” wrote one. “Simply amazing! You really Shine! Motherhood is the most amazing thing in the world!” — admired the other. “You’re the best mom,” said the third.

Ashley Graham has already shared their photos in the Nude. So, frame one of the shoots appeared online December 28, 2019. It Graham posing naked, on his knees, arching his back and his head thrown back and hands. “Ready to surrender”, signed post girl and noted photographer Cass bird (Cass Bird).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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