Russian pensioner quarreled with his family and went to live in the staircase


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A pensioner from the Russian city of Biysk (Altai Krai) quarreled with his family, left his apartment and began to live in the entrance. Relatives of the women and some of the neighbors say that 80-year-old Galina Dyukareva she was the instigator of all conflicts, the newspaper “the Biysk worker”.

An elderly woman lived some years with her daughter and granddaughter Alena. According to the pensioner, she asked to her apartment, not to spend money on rent. In 2007, Dyukareva issued to granddaughter gift certificate. Soon after that women began to clash that often ended in physical abuse. According to the pensioner, after one such skirmish she received a fracture of the fingers on the hand and hip fracture.

Some time later, Dyukareva, unable to withstand the pressure, went to live in the entrance. Her neighbors pitied and allowed some time to stay with them until the situation is resolved. Back home the woman cannot and does not want. According to the pensioner, where it is again waiting for the beatings and humiliation.

Granddaughter Galina Dyukarevoy Alena told his version of events. She said that all this time endured bad temper of her grandmother and her “friendly gatherings” with local alcoholics. After making your donation on granddaughter pensioner regretted his actions and wanted to court to reclaim the apartment, but she failed. Then Alena rewrote dwelling on his mother and filed a lawsuit to formally write to the grandmother. At that, Alena’s mother said that they moved only good intentions and they were not going to kick a pensioner on the street.

Over time, family relations deteriorated even more. Alena managed to get a divorce, get a stroke and have a baby. About my grandma she said: “She doesn’t need a family. She’s my mom and doesn’t recognize — well, a man. Even my son, who also lives here, his grandson, called simply “boy.” At the same granddaughter Dyukarevoy assures that never kicked a pensioner out of the house and that she left voluntarily, “I even video recorded, she does it voluntarily. But to come back she can always keys it has. The fact that lives on the stairs — not true. She spends the night at the neighbors.” In her opinion, a pensioner specially for a long time remained in the entrance to attract even more attention of journalists. “She’s back in court going to take away my apartment. She doesn’t even care where I’m with her great-grandson will go”, concluded granddaughter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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