Russian teacher arrested for buying underwear


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Parents of pupils of one of schools of Ulyanovsk demanded to lead teacher after a few kids while walking through the Mall I saw how she chooses a bra. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The mother of one of the students accused the teacher that she can’t choose her underwear, because she can do this to see teenagers. According to her, now in the class the boys all the time to discuss the preferences of the teacher.

“I hope the headmaster will notice this post and will dismiss the lover to buy clothes in the eyes of the children,” she wrote in one of the social networks.

However, the complaint women have not received support from Internet users. In their opinion, it is impossible to dismiss a person because of the trip to the store.

Quickly find confirmation of the information media has failed. In a press-service of management of education of a city administration also denied information about the incident and stated that he had not received complaints from parents.

Last March a teacher from Barnaul Tatiana Kuvshinnikova forced to leave school after she published pictures in her bathing suit. In the summer of 2018 had to leave Omsk teacher Victoria Popova. She posted on social networks pictures of in swimsuit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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